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Marry Me

Guarenteed WOW factor! Our light up MARRY ME letters stand 60cm tall and make a big bold impression. Even our base package is complete with flowers, candles and plush carpet.

  • One hour couples event

  • Planning and management

  • Set up/style/pack away

  • Hire and delivery of all decor

  • Choose cosy or formal setting

  • Choose your preferred colour  (red, white, pink or blue)

  • Love notes (if you are nervous about the speech)

  • Engagement signage

  • Assistance coming up with the perfect ruse!

  • Access to IP and secret locations

  • Choose from our preferred hotels, venues and locations (garden, city or ocean view) 

    Fine print:

  • Quick book packages offer limited correspondence with Claire (great for last minute proposals or for men who have little time away from their loved one to plan the event!)

  • Custom locations may incur additional fee.   

  • External service providers, please add $80 +GST

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