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I am planning a last minute marriage proposal, can you help?


We certainly can. Most men contact us with a few weeks, days (or sometimes even hours) before the proposal and we can make it happen!


Do you offer hotel proposal decoration?


Yes. We love hotel proposals as there is never any worry about the weather.


What are the best Sydney hotels to propose in?


We have worked in all the main city hotels for the last 10 years and have established great relationships with all of them. Some hotels offer our clients complimentary upgrades and other VIP treatments. We particularly love proposals at the Crown, ShangriLa, Sofitel, Four Seasons and Park Hyatt.


Do you recommend private marriage proposals?

If you are nervous or your girlfriend is shy please consider a private marriage proposal. Sydney parks are very busy and you will often have onlookers.


Do you offer private venues for proposals?

Yes. We have a number of affordable private venues who we have negotiated special rates for our clients. We offer ocean view, city view and secret garden proposals.


Is your marriage proposal service discreet?


If you leave your phone number we will send a discreet text prior to calling. We never make unscheduled calls/texts unless you call/text us first.


What are the best outdoor locations to propose in Sydney?

We love North Sydney parks for a city view. Eastern suburbs for ocean view and garden proposals.


Should I hire a rotunda for my marriage proposal in case it rains? What other options do I have?


Rotundas are great if it is sunny. However they are certainly not weather proof. Observatory Hill Gazebo is very windy and the slightest rain will come into the gazebo. The gazebo in North Sydney is very open and the rain will come in whilst you are proposing. The only weather proof option for a proposal is a hotel or one of Claire’s secret undercover venues and rooftop locations with shelter.


Can I propose in a park in Sydney?

Some parks require permits however we know all of the parks where you do not have to arrange a permit. Check out our socials for all of the best parks to propose in Sydney.


Do you do picnic proposals?

We do arrange picnics however we do not recommend food at a proposal. Whilst it’s a nice idea, can you imagine sitting down to eat when the adrenaline is pumping and emotions are running high? Eating is the last thing on my clients mind when they propose and I find all of the food generally goes to waste.


How big are your light up MARRY ME signs?


We offer all different size marry me signs depending on the proposal décor style you are going for. We have a range of acrylic, led light and marquee signage available.


I’d like to have friends and family at the proposal for a party afterward. Is this possible?

We love when friends and family come to a proposal but please let us know as the logistics are very different to a 2 person event.


Do you arrange the photographer/videographer for my marriage proposal?

Yes, we have our own staff who we have worked with for years. They are 100% reliable and know exactly how we work. We much prefer using our own service providers but please let us know if you are bringing your own as a fee will be involved for management.


Do you offer other services such as musicians, fireworks, flower bouquets, limousine transfers?

We certainly do! Our guys are great at what they do. Many clients are so happy they hire them again for the wedding!


Do you offer proposal packages or custom proposal planning?

We offer proposal packages that you can customise with your preferred colour, location, style etc. We also offer a service where you will work with Claire to come up with a completely unique marriage proposal.

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